Drop Out Bag V1.0

Drop Out Bag V1.0

Here it is! We tried to stay complicated with the rope bags, but this thing kept creeping back into the development teams ideas trust. Simple, easy to use and secure. The Drop Out Bag (DOB) holds all of your rappel gear in a closed bag. No straps, buckles or hooks. Just open the bottom and let it fall out. Tether end stays in the mesh pocket. Shown here holding 35ft of Oplux (biner, trilink and Kong Hydrobot) or 45ft of HTP 9mm (large biner, d-link and Safeguard).


During testing, we noticed a bit of "flop" on the bottom of the bag when walking in. Doesnt bother us, but some folks are particular like that! So, comes with a webbing leg band to strap the bottom to your thigh when walking in!

  • In The Making!

    Feel free to order up, but keep in mind, this is brand new and theres gonna be a wait. We will try and keep it within a week, but allow 2, just in case. 

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