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The CGM ReDirect Backband

The CGM ReDirect Backband

The ReDirect backband can be used in a traditional fashion, or the angle can be "redirected" to change the angle of support. Our testing has shown that this can also relieve pressure caused by the top webbing of a saddle by distributing the load to the back.


The ReDirect Backband is made from MILSPEC TP21 mesh, climb rated 1" tubular webbing and 1/8 Amsteel ropeware.


Kit includes the backband, the 1/8 Amsteel Full Buried backband adjustment straps and connector as well as 2 Prussik Loops. Everything you need to attach and hunt!


Comes in 3 sizes: Small (22in long) Medium (24" Long) and Large (26" Long). For frame of reference, I am a large fella with a 38" waist and use the medium.

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