Turkey Vest Mod!!!

Turkey Vest Mod!!!

We have been reading a lot about packs. "Whats the best pack to carry xxxx and xxxx"..Well, how about a pack with plenty of room in the back for easy access to pretty much any combo of stick and platform? Even better, all of your critical gear up front and ready WHILE YOU CLIMB!? Now, add on the fact that you can easily access all of your gear while it's hanging in front of you? Oh, it doubles as a knee rest!

Now, what if we told you that you probably already own it!! Or, it can be had for less than $100!!!

That's right, a Turkey vest! Perfect combo of space, utility and access. It just needs a few mods!

CGM is running a Turkey Vest Mod special from now through March! $35 gets you a panel liner, 6 rows of molle, straps...everything you need to make the vest you already own PERFECT for Saddle Hunting!!! Send us yours, or order from your favorite vendor and have it shipped to us to mod!

Be sure to leave special instructions in your notes!