CGM Sidewinder  AI (all inclusive) Kit

CGM Sidewinder AI (all inclusive) Kit

If your gonna start, you might as well start right! The CGM Sidewinder AI kit has it all:

1. Sidewinder Saddle in any available size or color option

2. 7.5ft OPLUX linemans AND tether, both with 18" Sterling sewn friction loops and Raider Auto lock carabiners

3. 1 Slim line Dump Pouch (color matched to saddle)

4. CGM Backband (color matched to saddle)

5. 2TC Climbing Method (color matched to saddle)

6. Milk Weed Pouch


Platform/Ring of Steps not included. Plenty of awesome options out there!

We have a 3 week turn around on the starter kit!

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