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CGM Cobra  AI (all inclusive) Kit

CGM Cobra AI (all inclusive) Kit

If your gonna start, you might as well start right! The CGM Cobra AI kit has it all:

1. Cobra Saddle in any available size or color option

2. 7.5ft OPLUX linemans AND tether, both with 18" Sterling sewn friction loops and quality, rated carabiners

3. 1 Slim line Dump Pouch (color matched to saddle)

4.CGM Backband (color matched to saddle)

5. 2TC Climbing Method (color matched to saddle)

6. Milk Weed Pouch


We have added several custom options to select from to make sure you have everything you need, while staying inside of your budget!


Platform/Ring of Steps not included. Plenty of awesome options out there!

We have a 3 week turn around on the starter kit!

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