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Crotch Rings!

Crotch Rings!

The Crotch Ring is an easy to use false tree crotch system for rope climbing presets. Just strap the 2 rings at your preferred hight 180 degrees from each other, run a pull line ( we suggest cheap braided masons line) through one, AROUND the tree with both ends at ground level. Then, when ready to climb and hunt, just walk up to the tree, attach you optional Rope Lock (think Chinese Finger Locks), pull your rope up, secure your rope and climb!

The Crotch rings ARE NOT CLIMB RATED!!! They are just a tool to position your rope. Your rope must pass around and be hitched to the tree.

The strap stitching and buckle are designed to break at 100lbs.

Kit comes with 1ea 7ft Strap, and 2ea Crotch Rings. Add the Rope Lock for a quick secure way to hook your rope to the pull line.

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