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Saddle Muff

Saddle Muff

The 2023 CGM Saddle Muff is 20% Larger!

Introducing the Saddle Muff! Hate gloves, but hate cold digits more? CGM has added a little saddle sense to the traditional hand muff. Here are a few of the features:1. Bridge, bridge loop or molle mountable.2. Hangs below your bridge without impeeding your draw and shot.3. Sized just right to fit anyone's hands without the bulk of other muffs.4. Cordura 500D construction to hold in the heat, fleece lined for warmth and comfort.5. Packs small and light.6. Large outer pocket to keep essentials close at hand. 7. Flattens to less than 1 inch thick when not in use.8. Draw string adjustable sleeves. No fighting elastic to get your hand in there! 9. Made in the USA by Vets who know the cold hand suck factor!


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