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Slim Pack Hip Quiver

Slim Pack Hip Quiver

The Slim Pack Hip Quiver is up!

The Slim Pack Hip Quiver is a low profile quiver that takes full advantage of a small space. Here are the details:

1. 17"x7"x.75"...that's pretty slim!

2. Made with Cordura and lightweight antimicrobial dense foam for durability, rigidity, and weight.

3. Holds up to a dozen arrows...securely! No clanging around of falling out, even if you do handstands. Arrow pocket has webbing dividers for arrow prioritization.

4. 6 PALS rows for molle attachment.

5. Top pocket for score cards, Pokémon cards, bubblegum (you target guys are weird)

6. Back pocket for more Pokémon cards (see?)

7. Slotted belt loops for those big winners belts and flashy buckles (SEE!!!?)

8. Optional matching wire rimmed release pouch. Stays open and fits the biggest of meat hooks!

9. Optional PALS/MOLLE 1.5" belt. Keep your water bottle on the other side so you don't lean...throws your shot!)

10. Everything is ambidextrous

11. As seen here, under $100!

12. Like everything we do here, it is completely customizable and will have many color options to choose from, or let us know what you want!

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