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Suspension Relief/Self Recovery Roll (SRSR)

Suspension Relief/Self Recovery Roll (SRSR)

Heres another item that we developed and implemented a while back, and comes standard with all of our saddles. Easy to DIY if you want to save some money. Reach out to any of the amsteel companies (we recommend and pick up 6.5ft to 8ft Whoopi sling, wrap it in a 7"x7" cloth roll and strap it to your saddle.

Harness Suspension Trauma (HST) is something that is not widely discussed in the saddle world, but treestanding manufacturers have been addressing it for years.

The SRSR Roll (Suspension Relief/ Self Recovery) can help you get out of a pickle. Stick kickout, platform failure or any other situation that leaves you hanging, this little roll can reduce the risk of you succumbing to HST, as well as give you a tool to get down. The below linked video shows just how that works.

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