The Cobra Hunting Saddle

The Cobra Hunting Saddle

The CGM Cobra is here! After a long process of testing and more testing, we believe we have the most feature packed expandable saddle out there...and at an affordable price.

The Cobra offers all of the features you are accustomed to in the Sidewinder, like the super slim Utlitity Belt configuration, the load bearing bottom autoblock loops, removable leg loops, fully adjustable bridge loops...the list goes on and on...


In addition, the Cobra offers a few more features!

1. An expandable saddle panel that folds down to a 5" utility belt for the walk in.

2. Opens to a standard single panel profile with a 12-15 inch height.

3. From there, it opens to a 22-25 inch mega panel, or anywhere in between!

4. No more floppy pleat. This thing stays right where you put it.

5. Patent Pending Bridge Gap Adjustment Straps. You control the ammount of contour the saddle has!


Comes in 2 sizes. Size 1 up to 36 waist and size 2 is everyone else! We took layering into account in sizing.


Rated to 300lbs.


Feel free to check out our testing results here where we show the good, bad and ugly!