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The Pygmy Rattler Starter Kit

The Pygmy Rattler Starter Kit

The Pygmy Rattler is an extra small version of our Sidewinder Saddle. Made with the same quality materials and craftsmanshipo as all of our saddles, the entire kit has been downsized for the petite person, or for youth supervised by adults. The kit comes with:

1. Pigmey Rattler Saddle

2. Suspenders

3. Sterling rope Bridge with full buried Amsteel prusiks for adjustment on either side

4. 6mm accessory cord rope belt

5. Dump Pouch

6. Linemans rope

7.  Tether

8. Matching Dump Pouch

9. Two  Carabiners


1 color option as shown.


One size fits most 45lbs through 100 lbs



 It is the parents responsibility to NOT allow any under age (18) person to use this equipment without proper training and immediate supervision with positive control access by the parent. 




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