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Custom Projects/Testimonials

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Just a few examples of some of out custom work, and customer feedback!


This Diamondback was inspired by the time tested Anderson Sling. With a few updates, this is still a very viable saddle design and prefered by many!

Diamondback 2 panel saddle


One of our earlier custom jobs. Geared towards 1 sticking, eliminating the leg straps and linemans loops. Great little saddle that packs in tight and high on the hips. Like wearing a lite waist band!

Simple Black Sling


Dont know what to say about this one! Another earlier build that spawned the original design of the thigh loop for our version of 2 tether climbing. Thanks to Josh Mills for his much appreciated input on this one!

The Thing-A-Majig


A more current version of a single panel foot ball shaped saddle. Another request for a simple, no frills saddle!

Ninja Light


An expandable version of the Ninja Light! I had the pleasure of a few hangs in this saddle and it was super comfortable.

Fat Ninja!


One of my favorites and still in the CGM arsenal! We actually parted ways for a period of time, but sellers remorse kicked in and I got her back! With the molle loops on the bottom panel, we are able to use a 3 inch CGM Kydex clip to hold the panels together for those long walks.

2 Toned Sling


Modified specifically for the mobile hunter! Back pad and pocket was removed and the back reinforced with 4" webbing. Molle loops added to secure a platform and/or sticks. Also doubled as a great place to hang gear within arms reach while reducing movement. Just hang the vest in front of you and all of your esentials are right there in your face!

Modified Turkey Vest

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